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Accurately determining the tooth shade is crucial for achieving an aesthetically pleasing restoration. However, this task is often challenging. Shade guides, a common method for defining tooth shade, have limitations. Compared to the diverse shades found in natural teeth, a shade guide offers a limited color spectrum, potentially leading to an incorrect shade selection. VOCO has addressed this issue by aiming to provide dentists with a cutting-edge universal filling material that greatly simplifies daily practice. The solution lies in the advancement of the innovative, ceramic-based ORMOCER® filling material, Admira Fusion. The result of this innovation is the new universal composite, Admira Fusion 5, which covers all VITA® classical shades using just five Cluster-Shades.

Innovative Resin Matrix

Admira Fusion 5 employs five distinct Cluster-Shades, each encompassing multiple VITA® classical shades. This Cluster-Shade-System is made possible by a new patented resin matrix, tailored to the size and optical properties of nano-hybrid particles. This optimization results in improved light scattering. The outcome is a targeted and enhanced chameleon effect within the respective Cluster-Shade, enabling the filling material to seamlessly blend with the natural tooth shade. This simplified shade system equips dental practices to handle a broad spectrum of cases using only five shades, streamlining their inventory. Multi-color layering or the use of additional blockers or opaquers is unnecessary. The resin matrix has been optimized to significantly reduce light-curing time, requiring only 10 seconds for polymerization across all five shades. This time-saving feature is invaluable.


Technology Admira Fusion 5 offers dentists the benefits of the proven technology present in the high-performance composite Admira Fusion. The innovation combines nano-hybrid and ORMOCER® technology, where both fillers and resin matrix are silicon oxide-based, resulting in a purely ceramic material. Thanks to the use of ORMOCER®s (Organically Modified Ceramics), Admira Fusion 5 is highly biocompatible, devoid of classic monomers. Furthermore, the material exhibits the lowest polymerization shrinkage by volume at 1.25%, resulting in minimal shrinkage stress compared to traditional restorative composites.

Extensive tests have highlighted the user-friendly nature of Admira Fusion 5. Dentists appreciate its ease of handling, as the material can be modeled effectively without sticking to instruments. Additionally, Admira Fusion 5 is compatible with all conventional bondings and is available in both syringes and caps.

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