locator attachment

Revitalizing Overdentures: The Essential Locator Attachment

The conventional denture approach for edentulous mandibles can be significantly enhanced by incorporating two implants. Abundant evidence supports the superiority of a two-implant supported overdenture as the preferred treatment option. Particularly in elderly patients, attachment systems that streamline prosthesis placement and removal, while ensuring hygiene, prove invaluable. Among these, axial attachments stand out for their […]

flapless implant

A Systematic Review of Dental Implant Placement with Flapless and Flapped Technique

Abstract: Introduction: Insertion of dental implants in alveolar bone could be performed following flap reflection or using flapless technique. The aim of the current study was to systematically review and compare implant treatment outcome including success and survival rates, marginal bone loss and post-operative complications between two techniques of implant insertion: flapped and flapless. Material […]

full arch implant peri-implantitis

Comparative analysis of plaque accumulation in “Full Arch” titanium and zirconia fixed prostheses on implants

Introduction: The current trend of manufacturing prostheses on implants in full arch or “Full Arch” is using zirconia prostheses, due to aesthetics, the use of a monolithic structure milled and subsequently made up or stratified. Traditionally these structures were made of metal-ceramic, but the aesthetic claim and the simplicity of the process are making it […]

Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) in Endodontics

Introduction: Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) has been extensively studied as a material to seal the communication pathways between the root canal system and the periradicular tissues. MTA and its properties have been extensively evaluated in vitro and in vivo in the literature, but there are still no studies or long-term results. In the short term, […]

dental implant and smoking

Effects of smoking on dental implant

Introduction: Dental Implants are the best choice in replacing missing teeth in all types of edentulism, however, sometimes suffer from failure and complications after treatment. Smoking presents one of the highest risk factors in implant treatments. Due to the fact that smoking is associated with deleterious effects to oral rehabilitation with dental implants. It’s claimed […]