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Whether in negotiations, presentations or in everyday professional environments: the way we speak influences how we are perceived – and thus also our careers. But many people underestimate the impact of their own voice and thereby waste potential. 

“Especially in a digitalized working world in which personal communication is often limited, an expressive voice can make the crucial difference,” explains Patrick Khatrao, voice actor and trainer. In the following article he reveals three vocal tips that everyone should use in their professional life.

Tip 1: Speak articulately

Confident speaking is an important skill that is invaluable in various areas of life – be it at work, in public communication or in private life. Because the way we speak can have a significant impact on how we are perceived by other people. The first priority should always be an articulate manner of speaking. This doesn’t just mean the clear pronunciation of words. Rather, it is a technique that is used to improve one’s speaking skills in a variety of ways. An efficient exercise is to hold a cork between your teeth while speaking. This forces the speaker to open their mouth wider, which automatically leads to louder pronunciation. But the exercise also has a positive influence on the overall vocal presence beyond the volume. Opening the mouth wider not only creates clearer pronunciation, but also a more powerful voice that can convey emotions more efficiently. This helps communication appear more intelligent and convincing overall.

Tip 2: Take breaks

Introducing pauses while speaking is also crucial. Pauses not only allow you to observe the audience’s reaction, but also give listeners time to process what is being said. Often people tend to talk without interruption. This leaves listeners with little time to reflect. The use of pauses not only improves speech control, but also significantly increases the quality of communication. In addition to introducing pauses, speakers should be careful to lower their voice at the end of a sentence to give their statements more weight. Many speakers tend to raise their voices at the end of a sentence, which can convey uncertainty. Instead, the voice should be lowered to emphasize and emphasize what is being said. 

Tip 3: Speak relaxed 

A deep and relaxed manner of speaking conveys charisma, authority and self-confidence. In order to achieve this voice quality, the voice can be warmed up with a special exercise before speaking. The speaker should try to speak in the so-called “indifference position” in which the voice and vocal cords vibrate in the most relaxed manner. To find this pitch, it can be helpful to hum a relaxed “Mmmm” – like you would if you were enjoying a delicious meal. This exercise may seem strange at first, but it is extremely effective. Over time, the right tone for the indifference position can be found instinctively in this way. When speaking from this position, the speaker automatically radiates charisma, relaxation and self-confidence – and can therefore give any type of communication more presence and charisma.

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