Modern Dentistry

Expanding Practices through Modern Technological Advancements

In the evolving landscape of dentistry, the infusion of modern technology is reshaping the way we approach oral health care. The digital age demands a consumer-level experience across all facets of life, and oral health is no exception. As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, the dental industry is catching up. Traditionally […]

attracting patient

7 Principles for Attracting Premium Patient

Overview: In the realm of healthcare, the pursuit of premium patients involves a strategic blend of top-tier marketing, a transformative patient experience, and the cultivation of enduring connections. While drawing in these sought-after patients is essential, nurturing lasting relationships proves equally vital. Embracing the following seven principles can elevate any practice, transforming it from a […]

peanut allergy

Might Toothpaste Shield Adults Allergic to Peanuts?

A novel toothpaste, named INT301, is demonstrating potential as a breakthrough treatment aiding adults afflicted with peanut allergies in tolerating increasing amounts of peanut protein. In an initial randomized trial focusing on safety, the investigational toothpaste met its safety benchmarks. Thirty-two adults, aged 18-55 and allergic to peanuts, were enrolled in this 4-month trial. Participants […]

admira fusion 5

Admira Fusion 5: Simplifying Tooth Shade Selection with Cluster-Shades

Accurately determining the tooth shade is crucial for achieving an aesthetically pleasing restoration. However, this task is often challenging. Shade guides, a common method for defining tooth shade, have limitations. Compared to the diverse shades found in natural teeth, a shade guide offers a limited color spectrum, potentially leading to an incorrect shade selection. VOCO […]

tooth filling material market

Tooth Filling Materials Market Projected to Exceed USD 3.8 Billion by 2032

The demand for dental treatments, including tooth fillings, is steadily increasing as people seek to address aesthetic concerns like tooth discoloration, gaps, or visible decay. Tooth filling materials, particularly tooth-colored composite resin, provide a more natural and aesthetically pleasing solution compared to traditional silver amalgam fillings. According to a report by Global Market Insights Inc., […]

northern ireland hospitals

Northern Ireland: Hospital Waiting Times Misrepresented on Online Portal

Concerns have been raised that the publicly available data on hospital waiting times in Northern Ireland significantly underestimates the actual waiting times, potentially being as much as twice the reported figures. In May, the Department of Health launched the My Waiting Times NI portal, enabling patients in Northern Ireland to check estimated waiting times for […]