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A recent survey conducted by YouGov and sponsored by Doctolib reveals a strong desire among Germans for more flexible communication options with their healthcare providers, with over 70% expressing this preference. Responding to this demand, Doctolib has introduced its new “Patient Inquiries” feature to facilitate smoother interactions between patients and their medical professionals.

As the adoption of digital health solutions continues to rise, a significant portion of the population, approximately 36%, now schedules medical appointments online through various booking platforms. Doctolib, a company specializing in online doctor appointment services, has identified through a comprehensive e-health survey that patients seek a straightforward and secure means to communicate with their doctors and healthcare teams. This includes tasks such as requesting test results and prescriptions or seeking clarifications about their treatments. Integrating digital communication tools into everyday practice streamlines processes, such as scheduling appointments through mobile applications, thereby saving time for both medical practices and patients while enabling healthcare providers to focus more on essential diagnostic, treatment, and preventative care appointments.

Patients Are Open to Secure Messaging

The survey highlights that 73% of patients value the ability to securely message their healthcare providers outside of traditional office hours. Recognizing the importance of this accessibility, a majority of respondents, constituting 62%, express openness towards digital communication channels. Specifically, seven out of ten individuals surveyed express a willingness to engage with their doctors or healthcare teams via secure messaging platforms, facilitating queries regarding ongoing treatments or requesting follow-up care. Additionally, a slight majority of respondents also express interest in utilizing health applications powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that offer recommendations for crucial preventive screenings or assist in scheduling doctor appointments, particularly among the 25 to 34 age group.

Digital Tools Improve Communication Between Doctors and Patients

Feedback from individuals who have already utilized health apps indicates a positive impact on doctor patient communication, with 51% reporting improvements. Furthermore, 37% foresee a positive evolution in the doctor-patient relationship in the near future due to the integration of digital tools such as online appointment booking, digital inquiries, and video consultations.

Doctolib Is Now Offering Patient Inquiries

In order to save long waiting times on the phone and to share inquiries or documents with doctors outside of practice hours, Doctolib offers the option, for example. B. Findings, follow-up prescriptions, transfers and other organizational questions can be sent and received securely and easily via the app. The function is now available for all practices and can be activated by doctors themselves. Whether a practice offers the service appears on the profile. Nikolay Kolev, Managing Director of Doctolib in Germany

“With our solution we want to make it as easy as possible for both sides. We support medical practices in further reducing telephone and email inquiries and relieve them of the burden of answering messages. Patients benefit from the time freed up and can also raise their concerns outside of practice hours or when the phone is busy.”

Source: ZWP online

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